Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ao Nang , Krabi Thailand

It's time for a short break! after 6 month of working abroad in a city, it's time for a nice calm beach gateaway...

This would be my first time going for a vacation alone without anyone... It's a shame because i'm already 26this year, and only now i have the guts to do this,,.. before this i only travel to Abu Dhabi, UAE, alone and it's only for work... but wohooo, this is it..

King Size BEd for 1 person?
i've already started  for my hostel/hotel booking one week before, been searching for a nice, comfort, reasonable price, nice services. yeah it's a backpack travel so i suppose i should go for a hostel or dorm accommodation. BUT, hahaha since i wanted to treat myself for a nice relaxing  and not stressful to think about all those problem, so i found a hotel with reasonable price. It's Aonang Good Will hostel. . which i got for 500THB for one night. for me, as long as i am satisfy with their services it's worth my money. i'm staying for 4 night there.

I started my journey from KL Sentral at 2120 for the price of MYR60, that would be the lower berth adult. i had my Upper Berth experience before, last 2 years went to Singapore. and it's not really that comfortable but yeah, it's like you are sleeping in a hammock and damn i can't even sleep for almost half of my journey to singapore, So this time i chose Lower Berth for a better experience... Along the journey to the north, by the Train , you'll be surprised by the stunning view along the paddy field. 

Hatyai Train station
Don't forget to bring along food since you will be in the train for about 12hours. You will arrive to Hatyai about 1030 the next day. once you went down at the Hatyai train station tons of peoples will start promoting trip to wherever you wanted, BE CAREFUL. there's a guy offered me 850THB to go to Aonang, Krabi which you can get only 350 THB and straight to your hotel in Aonang Krabi. try to bargain the price because some travelers do get price as low as 300THB.  and you'll have a stop to stamp your passport at Padang Besar, Malaysia Thailand Border . it will be about 30 minute to an hour of process  which you have to fill in form, it's advisable if you have your hotel address and how long you'll stay there.

So i started my journey to Ao Nang, Krabi by minibus for 400THB. along the way,: pictures tell everything:
The mini van will stop for 15-30 minutes here in Trang where you can go to Restroom, buy some food, stretching etc. dont forget to try their Springroll here. it's quite nice.

Here is how my journey was like.


Krabi simple yet unique souvenier shop

didnt expect that
Harimau Malaya with Krabi Elephant
travel agent

Shes been really helpful !!
2 for 1
Here's the travel agent i would suggest. their office just near to the Aonang Beach. She'd helps me A lot.. since i went here during the low season. i got my island hopping for only 500thb. THE WHOLE DAY hopping from island to island. _ Si Island - Chicken Island - Tup & Mor Island - Poda Island - Pranang Cave _
Si Island Snorkelling

Just Jump
Hope to find mermaid


Our Ride : the legendary Long tail boat


Pranang Cave
Pranang Cave

 here's the info about the travel agent i went to. with price and itinerary brake down.

will update the budget break down soon.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Taman Negara

Heading up stream
Orang Asli showing how to make fire by wood..
calm and peaceful

calm yet challenging
Anyone? or anymal?


once : a farang looking for banana fritter

even nature are helping each other

hope i can join them someday. doing research on forest and reserve them

i want to set up my tent here, by morning i'll be floating

it was divided by this river. to get across u need a boat. thaat makes it special

it's not that deep however its still challenging

What caption??


loving this

we made them wet

natural helipad!~

love how nature in order

so lucky get to get  INTO THE WILD

i want to set up my tent here, by morning i'll be floating

so much fun riding on this boat. u got to try it

soooooo underdressed

Entrance to the Mutiara Taman Negara

The green lush of tropical rain forest
My trip to Taman Negara, Pahang was a 4 days trip. And it's my first trip here. Find out more about their package here . but as usual, being a backpackers are all about go there, and hit it... that whats makes it adventoureous... and get around with local..

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